Eureka Streams utilizes a shared nothing architecture. It uses Memcached, Apache Maven, PostgreSQL and Hibernate. It uses Shindig for OpenSocial.

It utilizes Java Message Service (JMS), Java Persistence API (JPA), Lucene and Google Web Toolkit (GWT). It utilizes the Apache JServ Protocol (AJP), OAuth and Representational Condition Transfer (Relaxation).

The tech sounds solid as hell, also it was produced by Lockheed Martin, but Among the finest to be certain before I invest in something that this "enterprise" solution will work as fantastically because it sounds outdoors of merely one-node intranet atmosphere.


Edit: As mentioned within the title, I am particularly worried about scalability and security.

We built Eureka to scale to enterprise sized populations. We are presently used on about 40,000 employees and therefore are soon going to need to scale to in excess of 100,000. We have run performance tests with one of these points in your mind.

To scale to something Facebook sized we'd most likely need to start using something similar to Cassandra. Nevertheless, we have made the architecture robust enough to have the ability to support replacing data sources, therefore if this ever needed to be achieved, it can't be considered a rewrite.

You can publish within the Google Groups discussion with any sort of technical or any other questions:

To reply to your question about scalability, we build our front-finish data objects asynchronously and store them within the memcache distributed in-memory caching system. Search is shipped too for the reason that each web node includes a fully copy from the internet search engine. Every search is carried out in your area, so that as you create more web front-finishes, you are also scaling search.

For security we use Spring Security having a couple of default authentication systems together with a straight Forms auth provider, ldap and kerberos. You may create new authentication systems pretty easily.

The OpenSocial container a part of Eureka Streams comes with an OAuth implementation permitting OpenSocial programs for connecting to exterior assets using OAuth 1.0a.