I wish to produce a professional website for my opportunity. I am not really a designer. I understand some html/css, however i do not have much experience creating advanced pages and designs.

I'd expect public area, with assorted articles, along with a "customer zone", accessible via account information, where clients will have the ability to track their orders and download files. It must look very modern. I'd rather not use web templates, because they are too simple. I understand some Wordpress, but that is mostly for blogs, and anyways you have to look for a right theme aside from the Content management systems itself...

Can there be what other solution, some type of framework for building such sites? Ideally a method that does not require designer abilities.


I want to determine what's vital that you you. You say you'll need a professional website, however, you also say you do not have the skills now to get it done. Can you employ a developer to construct your programs if they did not possess the right expertise? You'll either go out that appears 'ok' that you simply did, or within your budget someone to really make it just how you want. For those who have a "tiny bitInch of skill in HTML/CSS it is going to probably be considered a evening mare which makes it look exactly the same on all browsers for you personally.

Should you proceed anyway, take a look at drupal, that is much like joomla. Additionally, it provides extensive plug ins easily available, like shopping buggies which (i'd imagine) have order monitoring included in them. That's more functionality though, and you will still have to develop your personal web identity.

No matter that which you choose, best of luck for you.

i'm abit as if you, i'm better at development but enjoy some design too. i love to possess the control and talent to possess a part in creating something i yet others will enjoy, without awaiting others to get it done for me personally

out of your profile, i see u really are a .Internet developer? if that's the case then u might want to use ASP.Internet (i'd prefer MVC 2, because of its separation of concerns). i believe the ASP.Internet site is a good beginning point, they offer some videos, which will most likely help u get began. NerdDinner (an ASP.Internet MVC application walkthrough) is most likely something that'll be good to look at too.

for general HTML/CSS, i would recommend

  • w3schools for really fundamental
  • NetTuts+
  • HTML5 Physician (if u would like to get began on HTML5)
  • CSS Methods
  • CSS3.info (if u would like to get began on CSS3)

* sorry i removed the hyperlinks like a new user, i cant publish a lot more than 1 link. i suppose its not so difficult to look google to obtain these also, abit more trouble sry

If you're able to manage to begin a company, you'll be able to afford an artist.

Developers are developers, designers are designers usually they don't and shouldn't overlap

Wordpress without a doubt will are unsuccessful for other things than blogging. I love Drupal, but that's an individual preference. You'll have to weight just how much complexity you'll prefer to handle. If you're thinking large (shopping, internet applications...) you need to choose Rails, Django, Zope...

However , the greater effective tool you select, greater it will likely be that you should focus on your site and discover anyone to work for this. If you opt for Zope you won't find lots of people that will help you (and those you discover could be more costly). If you're able to manage to cut lower on features, choose something simpler and popular

You might want to consider DotnetNuke. It offers a superior a great deal right as they are and there's a reasonably robust marketplace for custom modules and skins.