I wish to create a question answer site like that one, for college students to request schools and career planning related questions. I had been likely to use Joomla as Content management systems but am unsure whether such site perform fine wih a Content management systems. I've little experience of web development and it'll be considered a chance to learn for me personally.Can this type of site work fine using a Content management systems or i must allow it to be in pure PHP programming.(for the reason that situation wouldso would time passes about developing administrative tools ) Please guide me in planning the expansion.thanks

There is a Stackoverflow clone known as Qwench that's free.

Well i dont think a Content management systems is the best choice here. Aside from perhaps a couple of static apges like FAQ's, TOS, things like the site will probably be pure data interaction and stats. You could do this it ina Content management systems but it could be much more of a headache than its worth. Rather i would suggest utilizing a Radical oriented development framework like Cake or Symfony. Unless of course you've specific needs you will get the majority of the admin completed with the produced admin iterfaces. You could also have the ability to use a lot of the produced CRUD for that user areas, although not doubt some personalization otherwise something different is going to be needed here.

If you are not stuck on php Ruby on Rails (ruby) and Django (python) suport much of the identical set of features on their own particular languages.

Nevertheless each one of these will have a higher learning curve if you do not originate from some type of programming background (maybe even when you need to do)... On the other hand same with a Content management systems and a minimum of the frameworks ive pointed out are likely to automate many of the heavy-lifting for you personally.

One particular, while pricey, option is to license the software behind Stackoverflow.

ArrayShift appears to become a free and open-source clone from the this platform, built on the top of Drupal:

An issueOrsolution site created to emulate the core functionality from the StackOverflow.com site and also the StackExchange platform. Initially built like a fantasy site for Lullabot's Get It Done With Drupal conference in December 2009, cellular phone profile is capable of doing bootstrapping and setting up the first site.

It presently implements an acceptable subset from the site's functionality, but is incomplete and not even close to bug-free. It's rough edges that should be smoothed out and functionality that should be finished in other contrib modules before package could be described as a full-featured-clone of Stack Overflow, or before it may be considered ready-for-use by site contractors who don't know Drupal well. A TODO.txt is going to be coming shortly.

With Joomla, it would need to be considered a custom ingredient that handles the questions/solutions, custom user scripts that handle status, moderation, etc (if you would like that type of factor).

I believe the only real large benefits Joomla will give you are templating, registration, localisation and database management, the majority of the other things you'll have to do yourself anyway.

you should use Joomla but you will need a forum wordpress plugin like Kunena

you should use the extensions lknAnswers,SimAnswers,jAnswers Factory,C-Logic Solutions,GQA