I am presently writing a simple text analysis program in C#. Presently it requires simple statistics in the text and prints them out. However, I have to have it to the stage whereby input mode you input sample text, indicating a writer, also it creates the data to some database entry of this specific author. Then inside a different mode this program will require text, and find out whether it can precisely identify the writer by tugging earnings in the DB files and evaluating the text's statistics to sample statistics. Things I need assistance with is determining the easiest method to create a database from text statistics. Can there be some library I possibly could use with this? Or must i function simple reading through and writing from text files that I'll keep information in? Every ideas are welcome, as I am battling to develop a fix for your problem.

Thanks, PardonMyRhetoric

I do not think within this stage you will need a database. Attempt to choose appropriate data structures in the .Internet framework itself. Use dictionary or lists, avoid using arrays with this, and also the techniques you are writing will end up simpler. Attempt to learn LINQ - it's like queries to database, but to regular data structures. When you will get this and also the project will grow, consider adding a database.

You should use and XmlSerializer to persist your computer data to file for really easily. You will find numerous lessons you'll find on the internet which will train you the way in a couple of minutes. However, many of them want to inform you how you can add characteristics for your qualities to personalize the actual way it serializes, so I'll just explain that individuals aren't really necessary. As long as you will find the [Serializeable] tag over your class you just need something which appears like this in order to save:

void Save()
    using (var sw = new StreamWriter("somefile.xml")) 
        (new XmlSerializer(typeof(MyClass))).Serialize(sw, this);

then one such as this inside a function to see it:

MyClass Load()
    XmlSerializer xSer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(MyClass));
    using (var sr = new StreamReader("somefile.xml"))
        return (MyClass)xSer.Deserialize(sr);