I'm using a small theatre company. Presently they've a listing of individuals in writing with notes regarding their abilities next to them. I wish to produce a database / directory on their behalf to ensure that they are able to add, remove, update and check for individuals. It's a quite simple and customary scenario I understand however the problem here's which i have only each day to construct a functional solution.

The search needs to be quite simple

In the beginning I believed Light but I'd rather not need to create everything on your own and host it myself. Contributing me to Google Spreadsheet as a database, it has the benefit they already use google paperwork for everything and when my front-end goes tits up they are able to still arrive at the data.

Supposing none individuals can think about some existing software which does precisely what I would like the next thing is to create a front-end for that database. You may create forms for Google Excel spreadsheets however they only allow you to add new records, I can produce a Google Gadget but which will only allow me to implement the search because the Google Visualization API provides read only access.

It's at this time I am stuck, must i just produce a Java Servlet front-end for that Google Spreadsheet and employ the Java API to include, search increase?

I understand this can be a broad question but I am just asking 'What can you do?' to implement this technique having a day's development time?


I desired to create a credit card applicatoin about as easy as the main one you referred to and chose Grails to implement it. With a little of luck (with no authentication, design tweaks etc.), you need to have the ability to fit it in a day, especially following a good examples (parts one, two and three) very highly relevant to your use situation.

For those who have merely a day to produce a credit card applicatoin such as this, then there's just one answer - make use of the technology that you're most acquainted with, which is going to do the task, and it is inside the cost selection of the client (for any small theatre company that's most likely $). Any productivity gains from selecting the 'best' technology is going to be lost as you become up to date onto it. Within this situation 'the best' may be the enemy of 'the good'.

Does the answer need to be browser based? Otherwise, I'd take a look at some simple DBMS, either MS Access whether it's on their own computer systems, or one of the numerous barely-capable $50 databases playing around industry.

Whether it needs to be browser based, make use of the database-aware framework nearest as to the you realize already. You can easily implement this in Django, for example, within the time alloted. I mention Django for example only becasue it is nearest to my existing expertise, you might well choose another thing.