Within the header of this site, I've got a horizontal listing of the 6 latest posts. Now I must give a "previous" button, which in turn causes this content of the list to become changed through the 6 posts before those that are presently displayed. The concept is the fact that, if your user clicks "previous" frequently enough, they can therefore see all posts available.

The majority of the lessons for creating this always load ALL posts, after which simply stuff them into some jQuery-slider. However, since i have have 100+ posts, this appears not a great way (some customers might really never click "previous" whatsoever why waste assets loading them).

Would you please point me to some tutorial that describes the way i could possibly get the prior posts using php every time the "previous" button is clicked on? (I am using Wordpress btw)

The issue was solved with no tutorial, just with the aid of a couple of stackoverflow threads. Now I've an incredible Publish-Slider :)

Should you depend on php for your, you will need to refresh the page every time. I believe you want an AJAX solution.

You are able to develop a PHP web service that

1) accepts some variable, like the ID from the cheapest publish presently displayed

2) results XML or JSON from the six posts just before that

Then, in your page, onclick of the previous button, send the variable, accept the response, and put each publish when needed. .ajax and .load are a handful of jQuery techniques to consider