I've got a large assortment of retro consoles and computer systems, I wish to create some kind of catalogue to keep an eye on them using Drupal. I possibly could get it done as a number of pages in Drupal, but prefer to possess some kind of more structured method.

It would be great basically could in some way define an archive composed of certain fields (manufacturer, model, serial number, etc) and also have a form to complete, after which possess the display part instantly taken proper care of.

From searching at various Drupal modules I recieve the sensation I'm able to do that, however i can't exercise what modules to make use of. I acquired somewhat lost searching in the CCK module.

Look harder in the CCK module, it's exactly what you would like.

You are able to define records after which assign taxonomys and sights to really make it all work, only need your personal creativeness.

CCK may be the module for carrying this out type of stuff.

Also, this link maybe useful for pre-made modules.


You will want CCK, yes, but you will also want the Sights module probably, to be able to easier control how and what data out of your CCK-based nodes go to certain occasions. Sections may be nice too... These three would be the triumvirate of must-haves for Drupal.

CCK and Sights are the easiest way to get this done, however , not the very best. I suggest building your personal module. There's likely to be a significantly greater learning curve, however your code is going to be simple to range from server to server, improve your speed, become more easy to customize, and you will finish track of far better understanding about how exactly Drupal works. You will not need to watch for Sights and CCK to become ported to some fresh Drupal version, you'll have the ability to lead your module, etc, etc.