Many wordpress plugin take some [shortcode] to become put into a webpage, sometimes inside the loop. Truly it only helps make the actual [shortcode] appear where I placed it and little else !

For instance such and the like contact page wordpress plugin asks me to place [contact page wordpress plugin] during my contact page and I am designed to visit a form showing up there consequently, but rather I visit a blank page using the shortcode showing up.

I am relatively recent to WordPress which means this question must seem stupid, stil can anybody go ahead and take discomfort to describe in my experience ?

AFAIK, [shortcode] will probably be made an appearance or operated inside the loop. if you would like it to show outdoors it (states, on sidebar, or on footer) you have to by hand compute it's value.

To achieve that, you should use do_shortcode() function:

<?php echo do_shortcode ( '[your-shortcode-text]' ); ?>