I've got a production Rails 2.3.5 website, and Let me the modification the title of the model to something which will appear far better within the Web addresses. I understand the easiest way to get this done is within routes.rb such as this:

map.resources :announcements, :as => :posts

However, I have to offer the old title too since we are production and should not have dead links. Simply using ':as' is not likely to work.

I am essentially searching for a method to redirect to ensure that:


redirects to


It's most likely possible to get this done through Apache, however i can't appear to determine the rewrite rules. I figured maybe routes.rb could be an simpler method. Not getting luck there either.


Is dependent on which we mean by "redirect" - it may sound like the best route may be to consider you controller and add redirects to bulletins, and allow the bulletins controller handle the web pages. So, in PostsController:

def index
  redirect_to 'announcements#index'

and so on. That provides you legacy support for old links as lengthy as you would like it, and when there ever comes a period you don't need it any longer you can easily drop the entire Posts Controller.