I wish to give a theme or wordpress plugin to my wordpress install such will be able to rapidly build pages with arbitrary designs, mixing bars of two, 3, and 4 posts, that contains icons, HTML, etc.

I have been searching at carrington build however it does not allow me to reuse bars across different pages, also it appears to become limited within the bar designs (no 4 column bar for instance).

i have also checked out plug ins like icons on pages but for the reason that situation I must perform a large amount of CSS hacking to produce a 4 column bar, for instance.

it is possible to suggested wordpress plugin or theme or method to solve this issue? i am not really a design guru, i am searching for an easy solution that simply works. I really like the unbounce.com editor of pages, why is not there something of that nature for wordpress???

You may make different template files for various pages/groups/etc. There's many different ways to obtain there, the simplest is by using naming.

If you want to possess a page with various designs, just produce a page-<my-pagename>.php and copy this content of page.php inside it.

How to build your own markup. Visit the Wordpress after sales and edit your page. In the right-hands side, choose web site you want for this site, choose page-<my-pagename>. Different ways are referred to here.