I've been requested to consider FileMaker for developing a really quite simple database application. The applying will handle contact details, some good info about occasions located through the organization and - which is where I am presently battling - RSVP information that link the contacts and occasions, in addition to stores some data about payment.

What I must me is some type of form in which the user reaches look for a contact (any combo of first/surname) as well as an event (any combo of title/date), choose each from two particular lists (where other details are displayed too, to differentiate the outcomes), then add extra information striking submit.

The nearest I have become to date is really a form in which the user can enter a ContactId and EventId by hand, meaning he/she first needs to visit another view, look for the records, and copy/paste the id amounts.

  • Can there be really no method of getting nearer to my vision using FileMaker?

  • Would a much better option be to construct a brand new, custom application using for instance C# and MsSQL?

  • If that's the case, how do you sell this to my contractor? Because this would for the reason that situation be my first commercial application, there's clearly a "safety factor" that talks in support of a recognised product. Therefore we haven't even pointed out the cost would most likely increase, as creating a new application on your own would take considerably longer time.

Note: I've no previous knowledge about FileMaker. I have attempted to see the documentation, however i weren't capable of finding any lessons that take me nearer to my specific needs. I am fairly familiar with MsSQL, so I know every part about database management generally - simply not in FileMaker.