please assist me out of this I've produced a database in Rim phone i've also produced a table within the database but on hitting the database on rim simulator it shows UNABLE TO DISPLAY file ,and also the code I've written is

class CreateDatabaseSchemaScreen extends MainScreen{ 
    Database d;
    public CreateDatabaseSchemaScreen(){            

             URI myURI = URI.create("file:///SDCard/Databases/SQLite_Guide/"    +                    "MyEncryptedDatabase.db");
              DatabaseSecurityOptions dbso = new DatabaseSecurityOptions(true);
              d = DatabaseFactory.create(myURI,dbso);
              Statement s= d.createStatement("CREATE TABLE 'People' ( " +
                             "'Name' TEXT, " +
                             "'Age' INTEGER )" );

          catch ( Exception e )
              System.out.println( e.getMessage() );

Database files can not be opened up directly, you will need a 3rd party desktop tool that enables control over it. You'll find a listing of those tools here (generally they are free):

Inside your BB simulator configurations, you will notice a choice that identifies in which the SDCard information is situated. When you select a management tool, open the database for the reason that location, and you will have the ability to find out if the table continues to be produced effectively.