I wish to produce a database application with Visual Studio. I question which kind of DB to select? I believed about Access db. However I do not have Office installed. I've MS SQL server 2008 installed however i doubt I have to apply it a simple database with few rows

I have to create a simple database application for private use. Can anybody recommend fundamental steps

Allow me to place it one other way - can one produce a GUI application that will make use of a datafile only - to ensure that running DB server wasn't needed similar to Access files to ensure that I'm able to experience any computer.

whenever i do i simply produce a typed DataSet just give a DataSet item for your project, and you can make tables/posts/secrets/constraints directly inside the DataSet editor. the IDE will generate code classes to really make it easy to utilize the DataSet tables and posts statically by title, and also the DB you create is saved being an xml schema.

then, whenever you create a clear case of the DataSet, readOrcreate the information from/to disk using the Xml output functions. (in my opinion WriteXml and ReadXml...) i've also performed around just a little with writing my very own function to create the information inside a smaller sized format in order to save space.

DataSets will have some performance issues for those who have plenty of information but among the nice reasons for with them is you can always migrate to some database while using structure after which use TableAdapters to see from/email the database. for those who have really lots of data this can be what you want however when i have been prototyping or simply did not have a serious amounts of data, then in individuals cases i have had good results with only an XML-based DataSet.

DataSets are simple to use too, they support relational functionality perfectly, and in addition they permit you to be employed in a mode where one can accept or reject changes. i understand many people really do not like them but I am quite fond myself. :)