Wordpress 3. just arrived on the scene also it was reported that certain can produce a Movie Review website using custom publish types and taxonomies to illustrate using wordpress like a Content management systems. I wish to try to get this done like a learning example: I've experience programming although not with Wordpress.

Essentially I am searching for guidance regarding how to structure the publish types, tags and taxonomy type stuff. I'm able to learn how to do that from reading through wordpress paperwork I am just mainly searching for "fight plan" help to have an example scenario.

Like a small test situation let us assume you will find only 3 genres of movies: Action, Drama, and Comedy, which my database has 5 movies of every type.

On top nav I'd desire a "Genre" tab that will display the three movie genres in drop lower. When one of these simple is clicked on I'd want it to visit a page for that genre (so there should most likely be considered a "genre" custom publish type), with a text concerning the genre after which a shows a listing from the 5 movies for the reason that genre.

When among the movies is clicked on it will visit a page for your movie (so there should most likely be considered a "movie" custom publish type) that display some text concerning the movie, some text concerning the genre its in (which means this page must in some way understand what genre its associated with), and 2 links: someone to photos from the movie and something to overview of the film.

Whenever you click Pictures it might just show some pictures for that movie (so moviePicture or some such ought to be a custom publish type).

Whenever you click Evaluate it should visit a written review (so movieReview ought to be a custom publish type)

Also, let us say there's another tab around the primary navigation just known as "movies" that shows a listing of 15 movies so when clicking onto it, it jumps to the "movie info" page above (missing the genre step).

Whew...so say I wish to set something up much like that may someone whose acquainted with Wordpress 3. assist me to develop the correct structure of taxonomies, tax, and publish types that corresponds using the above? Thanks ahead of time!

Certainly. You are on course, while you appear to possess a wise decision of the items custom publish types are and the things they're doing. I do not think you will find the right knowledge of exactly what a custom taxonomy is, though.

I'd say you need to create a custom taxonomy of "Genre". This will help you to classify movies into various genres with no added (and unnecessary) complexity which comes from connecting publish types. Result in the genres hierarchical and you will enter a taxonomy description for that genres to ensure that the genre page can continue to describe the genre and list individuals publish types inside it.

Movies you realize well. Don't be concerned about carrying out a publish type for images, since 'attach' images to the publish type that may make use of the visual editor. You may also display a gallery of individuals images, and hang a publish thumbnail (movie poster) for every movie.

Movie reviews ought to be its very own custom publish type. You'll most likely wish to give a meta box that provides you with a dropdown from the movies so that you can easily define the connection between your two posts.

So far as navigation tabs, the brand new nav menu administration should permit you to do this easily.

Additionally to signing up the publish types and taxonomies, this really is most likely likely to involve some advanced code for templating and custom permalinks. I recommend using Matt Wiebe's 'Smarter Custom Publish Types' enhancement:


It requires proper care of lots of various problem areas and can build your existence way simpler.