Update: [Background info: I am focusing on a Silverlight application which utilizes PHP code to have interaction using the MySql dbase. I've got a regular installation package on www.mobilesportscoach.com (demo site on www.mobilesportscoach.com/test) which is effective advertising media are the SQL file in myphpadmin. However I want the entire package to become installable in Joomla without getting individuals to run several scripts in a number of places...]

I am creating an joomla components xml install file as well as in the install section I would like it to create my tables / saved methods by having an sql script so I have attempted:

      <file charset="utf8" driver="mysql">install.sql</file> 

Tables aren't the issue, single line sql code runs fine however in my SQL create procedure claims I must alter the delimiter (that's how it operates in MySQL), e.g:

    CREATE PROCEDURE `tp_delete_match_and_scores_onmatchid`(IN matchid VARCHAR(10))
     DELETE FROM tp_scores WHERE (tp_scores.matchid=matchid);
     DELETE FROM tp_matches WHERE (tp_matches.recid=matchid);

The extension installer provides me with:

   JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL DB function failed with error number 1064 
  You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
  server version for the right syntax to use near 'DELIMITER $$ 

I have also attempted the custom installer api however i can't get results: I've an installfile tag during my xml: install.component.php

My php:

function com_install(){
global $database;


 //get database
  //joomla 1.5
  $database = JFactory::getDBO();

 //table for item index
  $query = "CREATE PROCEDURE `tp_delete_match_and_scores_onmatchid`(IN matchid VARCHAR(10)"; 
  $query .= "\nBEGIN"; 
  $query .= "\nDELETE FROM tp_scores WHERE (tp_scores.matchid=matchid);"; 
  $query .= "\nDELETE FROM tp_matches WHERE (tp_matches.recid=matchid);";
  $query .= "\nEND"; 



The component installs allright however i aren't able to find my procedure with phpmyadmin / isn't produced. Appears such as the install.component.php is not fired whatsoever?

I'm not going customers to operate another sql script, I would like it all-in-one package if at all possible...

Thanks ahead of time