I am wondering if you will find any programs, ideally free software, that can a database configuration, and, with very little hassle as you possibly can, create web forms for placing data easily.

I am discovering it difficult to express exactly what it's I am after. Maybe I'm able to talk a little by what I want.

I've got a configuration database that, a minimum of usually, consists of "the realityInch concerning the servers within our system. It consists of things like zone names, hostnames, different configuration products, etc, over multiple tables. At this time we are using simple Card inserts directly when adding new servers or any other stuff, handling the secrets and IDs ourselves. The crux is, they do not want us to build up an easy web form thingy additional, rather they need something that may create the web form thingy. Did which make sense?

I am unsure contrary such as this is available or perhaps is reliable, but, I figured when anybody understood, it's this community. Thanks!

As numerous have previously mentioned, it is dependent on which technology you are dealing with:

  • .Internet 3.5 - Dynamic Data or Subsonic's Scaffold control
  • .Internet 2. - Subsonic's Scaffold control
  • PHP - CakePHP
  • Ruby - Rail's Scaffold component

"with very little hassle as you possibly canInch

perhaps you have checked such things as PHP/MySQL Web Database Application Code Generator 10.02 ? or phpmyedit ?

appears in my experience that what everyone else suggested to date takes a fair quantity of coding...

Also, take a look at phprunner. It's not free, but searching in the screenshots, it appears to suit your needs.

ASP.Internet has Dynamic Data, which i think fits your description. Additionally, there are SubSonic. Both of them are free and free.

Attempted Dynamic Data?

Besides ASP.Internet dynamic data, you might take a look at SubSonic

With PHP, if you possess the capability to title the tables and posts as you can see fit, you could attempt CakePHP framework, and particularly the scaffolding feature. With scaffold switched on, the code can create CRUD forms in the schema for you personally.

Here's the hyperlink for researching SubSonic &lifier Scaffold http://www.subsonicproject.com/web-forms-controls/the-scaffold/ , enjoy )

Yet another link in the SubSonic forums http://monk.thelonio.us/post/Scaffold-Enhancements-in-SubSonic-21.aspx