I am using FreeBSD + Apache. How do you disable Zend Framework from running on the system? I favor to not remove the whole software basically do not have to.

Secondarily, how do you discover the version of Zend Framework I'm using?

I'm refering to Zend Framework, the Content management systems.

An amount be my DocmentRoot directory? It appears in my experience the DocumentRoot which apache.conf is pointing to isn't in which the Zend directory is situated.

Option 1) Slowly move the directory hierarchy from PEAR/PHP accessible path

Option 2) Modify php.ini to be able to remove the road to the Zend Framework

Disable ZF:

Locate the ZF directory (/Zend) and relabel it (/_Zend).

ZF Version:

echo Zend_Version::VERSION;

You may also compare Zend's versions using Zend_Version::compareVersion($versionYouNeed) This function return if versions are same. -1 if $versionYouNeed is older then installed and 1 if $versionYouNeed is more recent then installed.

...disable Zend Framework from running on the system?

Renaming the /Zend folder to something similar to /_Zend will make the framework files inaccesible. But when there's code available that calls that ZF functionality, it will fail, and many likely fail ugly.

It appears in my experience that the way you "disable" ZF is dependent upon how it's being invoked. If you work with it within the standard MVC approach, it's the .htaccess in the Apache webroot that points all of the demands into ZF's public/index.php "bootstrap" file.

And So I would either:

  • Change/take away the .htaccess file to ensure that it no more indicates public/index.php
  • Change public/index.php therefore it no more creates the ZF functionality.