Hey-o, I have to setup a cron job to operate every 30 minutes to go to a url on my small website, the url is not a real file though as I am using codeigniter, therefore the url:

mysite.com/articles/grabarticles does not exist, and so i designed a link like:

mysite.com/grabarticles.php which does a header redirect towards the above url, now it really works after i visit it simply fine, however, if I operate a cron job and that i obtain the results e-mailed in my experience, I recieve a 302 temporarily moved, although it has not been.

Any ideas?

Do your internet server's logs say anything interesting concerning the cron job's demands?

Also, what library/tool is the cron job using to request the page? Whether it's wget, it will follow redirections instantly. Whether it's curl, you'll need the -L option to really make it do that. Whether it's another thing... then another answer is applicable. :-)

Exactly what does your cronjob seem like? If you are using curl or wget you may make these power tools follow redirects ( e.g. do curl -L http://mysite.com/articles/grabarticle )