I have undergone several plug ins and that i aren't able to find a wordpress plugin that merely resizes and crops images to some specific size once they get submitted. This differs from simply resizing one for reds from the image, I want it to re-size the littlest side after which crop the biggest side to ensure that the look matches a particular space. Wordpress already performs this automatically with pictures but I have to do that with full-sized images too. I would use: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/scissors/ however it does not use my installation.

Can anybody think about another wordpress plugin that performs this? It is possible to simple method to enable this behavior for full-sized images by modifying wordpress?

Does Scissors not meet your needs since you are utilizing Wordpress 2.9? It seems someone has produced a modified version of Scissors for Wordpress 2.9.

Max Image Size Control also seems to provide this functionality. I've not used either of those plug ins myself, though. Best of luck!