I wish to publish exactly the same publish that we just released within the worpress blog to blogger &lifier facebook automaticaly. Yes, it possible and you will find various wordpress plugin available. But cant locate one free of charge wordpress plugin that this.

I made use of a 'network publisher' wordpress plugin. Its free for facebook by have to pay to add another on like blogger or any other. Nevertheless its working great for me in facebook

Now i'm really worried how to proceed for my blogger to obtain instantly published from wordpress.

Mix publish appears to possess issues for the reason that line breaks do not get transported across correctly also it appears to create ASCII character 160 inside a couple of random places too right now.

Finally I acquired the blogger (.blogspot) to obtain my publish instantly in the wordpress.

The blogger could be set up to publish via email. There within the blogger account we must produce a secret current email address within the setting tab

format seem like this - title_of_the_site.secretcode@blogger.com (to ensure that a mail send for this address will instantly published within the blogger)

After which within the wordpress use a wordpress plugin named CROSSPRESS that all of the needed stuff where to put it simply the e-mail address and also the signature which you want to show underneath each publish.

Test drive it by developing a new publish and posting it. You're going to get exactly the same in blogger


Simply setup Blogger and Facebook to obtain your Wordpress site Feed. Take a look at Blogger and Facebook for paperwork regarding how to do this.