An issue such as this continues to be requested in a different way several occasions. Yet here' am.

I'm writing a stand alone home windows program that will get user input like three fields and also have to keep it within the disk.

Also i have to remove them, edit them and so forth.

It ought to be UTF8.

Besides this is actually the actual need.

I've located this application during my server and customers can download it.

I would like the db instantly produced once the program is performed the very first time.

I mean , user can or should download just one file which may be the program.

This program is going to be one exe file and it'll have no dependencies.

meanwhile asking this i attempted sqllite for .internet 2. and that i got an installer from sourceforge and installed it.

I incorporated during my application also it demonstrated a mistake like there's an issue for the reason that.

So, if people suggest sqlite then please produce reference of methods to incorporate in c#.internet v2.

I'm a new comer to .internet so it's going for a very very long time to suit things together so considered writing this question.

any comments, suggestions, advices and references would do good.


I've attached the mistake things i got

enter image description here

Edit after first reply

A person can help to save as much as group of three fields. I pointed out three fields to have an example. They'll save as much as records because they want. It might 100 to infinity.

If that is only 3 fields to keep - ignore databases and keep data within an XML file.

You may create a category which has these 3 qualities, after which serialize/deserialize it when needed.

Here is a nice tutorial from Microsoft about XML serialization:
Deserialization is completed in a really similar fashion.