I'm using MaxiMenuCK about this Joomla site, and that i cannot discover which class to edit to alter the backdrop color (presently it's black) from the drop lower (sub) menus.

Should you hover over "Education" and check out the drop lower menu you will see what i'm saying.

Anybody begin to see the correct class I'm able to edit to alter the backdrop color from black to another thing?



The course is floatCK.

You might have found this yourself. Most browsers possess a developer plugin that's accessible by pressing F12. You may also obtain the Firebug extension which makes web debugging much simpler.

You need to have the HTML one of the ways or another. You might have seen the origin from the page and monitored the element lower. In Chrome you are able to right click a component and 'inspect' it. That's the way i found the course you are searching for.

Edit this div#maximenuCK ul.maximenuCK li div.floatCK {background:white;} or any color you would like.

enter image description here

div#maximenuCK ul.maximenuCK li div.floatCK{

That will work

It's online 197 of maximenuH_CK.php.

Alter the background colour of div#maximenuCK ul.maximenuCK li div.floatCK