i have trouble with a css inside a joomla module , the website is www.bacauacum.ro , the module which has this issue is "TITLURILE ZILEI" the module from the foot of the page,it allways will get the worthiness "height : 30px" i looked in most the css and there's no such value .

Its among the Javascript file's that's doing the work - I'll find out if I'm able to find which choice for you

it's in http://www.bacauacum.ro/templates/rt%5Fmixxmag%5Fj15/js/rokmodtools.js although I am unable to narrow it lower without heave decompression from the packed code there.

edit the css, or even the html and add the next attribute:

height:auto !important;

the worthiness is placed by your scripts. i cant easily tell which, you've lots happening, plus some of the scripts are minified

Something's giving the element a manual type of height: 30px. I do not view it within the source it's most likely a script somewhere around the page.