I am establishing a custom designed Tumblr site for somebody that does not want annual hosting costs. What are the free places available to host under 10mb of css/js/jpeg files? (Attempted Google paperwork however they do not let css/js.) Otherwise, what exactly are some cheaper options?


Tumblr comes with an uploading form devoted for uploading exterior assets for the styles. It will not set you back anything, but there's a 15mb daily limit. You'll find it here.

Hmm, you could utilize Dropbox for your. Dropbox essentially is definitely an online folder, and that means you can sync it between multiple computer systems. And you will also employ the general public folder, simply upload your files there, having a right click the file choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link. After which just paste it anywhere you really need it.

Note: You have to download and do the installation.

I really hope this can help.

*EDIT: The free account provides you with 2GB of space, utilize it nevertheless, you want.

Amazon's S3 is usually the best answer. Unless of course they've huge traffic, their costs can be really, really low ( pennies / dollars ).

Here is a Coding Horror publish about the subject

This is the way I'm hosting my tumblr site. world wide web.asciiarmor.com may be the blog and files.asciiarmor.com is my S3 bucket. It's very fast and incredibly reliable.

http://world wide web.miranna.x10.mx permite subir archivos JS CSS y SQL y cargarlos desde su servidor (:

Translation by Belisarius:

http://world wide web.miranna.x10.mx enables upload of JS, CSS and SQL files and load them using their server (:

I have been looking with this Tumblr link for hrs now. Finally discovered it on Stack Overflow. Thanks buttonstack!