I am focusing on a website for any client right now, and also have it working properly in most browsers except IE7 (IE6 and IE8 examined fine). It is a WordPress site and also the theme is really a child theme from the Thematic framework.

This really is one particular page that's not displayed properly in IE7:


The primary submissions are forcing vertical and horizontal scrollbars around the primary wrapper and it is not pushing the footer lower, to ensure that is showing up half way through it.

The irony is this fact works properly in IE6, it is simply IE7 that's exhibiting this problem.

Any suggestions regarding how to fix are gratefully received.

IE is definitely a discomfort to utilize. the simplest hack could be simply using something similar to this:

<!--[if IE 7]>
    <link href="ie7.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

more stuff here should you prefer a better understanding and do you know the other available choices.

I believe it is because floating #container div within #primary. You can test clearfix. Add #primary div clearfix class and check out.

I have found the problem - I'd defined a conditional 'height' for IE7, when i thought it didn't obey min-height. Removed this height property and all sorts of appears fine!

Appreciate the replies.