I am attempting to reorganize the after sales of my Wordpress install. An excessive amount of code to really paste here, but click here:

Actual link removed/wordpress-admin/

What I am attempting to do would be to stretch recption menus left, therefore it goes completely in the the top to the the foot of the browser, as well as move lower "Log out" towards the very bottom from the browser.

Don't understand how to solve this..

You need to result in the container have position absolute, the itself ought to be position: fixed with 100% height To push the log out button lower it may have position absolute along with a bottom worth of .

CSS ought to be like the below:

#adminmenuwrap {
    position: absolute;

#adminmenu {
    position: fixed;
    height: 100%;

li.log-out {
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 0;