Need to say I truly do not understand why this might happen:

I have done some code in html, css and some javascript, nothing fancy, and merely submitted to 2 host servers, someone to my commercial hosting, another to uni server.

The funny factor is my commercial server renders just as what I can tell on localhost, which happens to be the expected result. However, the page rendering on uni server is really a nightmare:

The CSS stylesheets, although are retrieved from server (verified using Opera and checked http reactions), do nothing at all to page elements as though there have been not there...that we do not understand why?

There's nothing different during my code In my opinion, I have used two different FTP tools to transfer the code. The only real different will be able to tell would be the server conditions, particularly the first is Apache 2.+ and also the uni Apache 1.3.3

However I reckon client-side code wouldn't really rely on Apache server versions, wouldn't it?

Thank you for any suggestion ahead of time!

The server where it does not jobs are delivering the CSS file back using the wrong MIME-type (text/plain rather than text/css). Recent browsers are prone to ignore CSS files that do not carry the right MIME-type. So yes, it's an problem of server configuration (mod_mime for Apache).