I've up-to-date my word press theme however the css stylesheet does not appear to become focusing on FF7 on Ubuntu OS. It really works perfectly on IE, Chrome, Safari &lifier FF on Home windows &lifier Mac but for whatever reason, it isn't loading on FF in Ubuntu. It loads well using Chrome on Ubuntu though.

I've no issues with other wordpress styles by using this same browser, just my theme appears to become problematic. I have researched the issue but certain solutions appear to connect with getting an over-all trouble with CSS It appears that only my stylesheet does not work.

thanks, J

Install Firebug in your FF and mind towards the network tab to ascertain if your .css is located and when almost all loading. Publish any errors here and we'll have the ability to assist you to better.

Also, install the Theme-Check wordpress plugin and run it to ascertain if there's any error in the manner your css has been known as or some conflict.