I've produced a Wordpress child theme based on Thematic and I am presently attempting to debug the website in IE 6/7. My suspicion would be that the issue is hasLayout, as that appears to be really common and also the signs and symptoms are congruent, however have checked most of the damaged elements and added hasLayout qualities to individuals that didn't curently have all of them with no advancement.

Used to do have z-index occur some of the CSS classes, which i've now removed, and I am wondering if any one of you've another suggestion about other debugging approaches.

The website is: http://032b4a6.netsolhost.com/WordPress/

I've published here rather than the Wordpress forum when i believe my issue is more associated with a typical CSS problem than anything specific to Wordpress.


To detail the type of errors I experience of IE6/7:

The header, that is an anchor having a css background property, pushes lower around the search box, leading to large gaps.

The nav shows as though we have an extra 75px of margin under it, leading to another large gap.

The best sidebar is missing. It may be found just peeking in the left side from the container underneath the left sidebar.

The left sidebar seems with an extra 15px of left margin, pushing it to the primary content div.

To see if a layout condition in IE6 / IE7 is hasLayout-related problems, I sometimes think it is helpful to utilize a rule such as this for debugging - it's propably not something you need to use within one last stylesheet (because it will most likely introduce new problems), but frequently it may reveal what elements must be given layout:

* {
    zoom: 1 !important;

Welcome to everything about conditional comments and IE stylesheets: http://codex.wordpress.org/Conditional_Comment_CSS You have to tweak the CSS for IE and test with native IE, not browser shots.

Try using the slider out for any minute to ascertain if there's a CSS conflict.

And you've got a couple of minor html errors, one getting related to an inline style sheet: [Invalid] Markup Validation of 032b4a6.netsolhost.com WordPress - W3C Markup Validator. Scroll lower within the validation are accountable to see line amounts and source code.