I am presently building an e-commerce site in wordpress while using Wordpress-ecommerce wordpress plugin.In product page, the stock is up-to-date once you choose a characteristic(size, color etc). It essentially shows when the method is available or otherwise. The written text will get cufon once the page loads, but following the stock is up-to-date, that's you choose a characteristic, the exam all of a sudden manages to lose cufon along with the small shopping cart software within the sidebar. I've no clue what's leading to the issue. you can observe the website here : http://tinyurl.com/43pd8br . Thank you for helping!

You will need to call cufon again following the text is up-to-date. Unlike CSS, which is applicable a method to the element matching the selector now and later on from the page, Cufon is JS, meaning it responds to occasions.

When you initially load your page, you're using cufon - therefore it goes and finds all of the matched up elements and does its factor, then it is done. Whenever you improve your text with no page load, cufon is unaware of this - so far as knows, it's done its job and it has finished.

What exactly you must do is really a callback - within the script that dynamically updates your text, add your cufon actions when the update has happened.