I'm using curl such as this:

curl -s -F "submitted_file=@/path_to_filetype=text/html" -F output=soap12 http://localhost/w3c-markup-validator/check >text.xml &lifier&lifier xsltproc script/guilbep_cleaning soap_w3c.xsl text.xml

xsltproc is fast but curl isn't.

will it range from proven fact that w3c-markup-validator is local? or from w3c-markup-validator itself? Or from curl and that i can perform something?

I must test a lot more than 6000 xhtml.. and when I must wait 2 sec in between each .. a lot more than one hour.. I'm able to wait.. however i can't stand it.


I still find it quite most likely the 2 second delay happens because you transfer the file over http. Can you really run the validator in your area, without delivering it to some webserver?