I am attempting to use YOURLS to Twitter (Wordpress wordpress plugin) to output the excerpt.

The plugin's instructions suggest

%F{something}: custom post field 'something'. See get_post_meta().

WordPress notifies

<?php $meta_values = get_post_meta($post_id, $key, $single); ?> 

Where $secret is a string "(needed) A string that contains the title from the meta value you would like.Inch

The HTML has

<meta name="description" content="this is my excerpt" />

In which the description meta has got the excerpt's content.

I attempted using

#in %F{description} %U

and also got "#in bit.ly/7493d0e". How do i obtain the excerpt to print? This is actually the php interpretation that %F

if( preg_match_all( '/%F\{([^\}]+)\}/', $tweet, $matches ) ) {
    foreach( $matches[1] as $match ) {
        $field = get_post_meta( $id, $match, true );
        $tweet = str_replace('%F{'.$match.'}', $field, $tweet);

    unset( $matches );