It is possible to way I'm able to perform some custom data sorting in GridView ? I am talking about for instance there's an excellent by which you will find several project records, each project includes a status like Hold, Complete, Waiting for Feedback, Working and so forth... now I must sort based on status column although not alphabetically rather I must place them in custom fashion like Hold then Waiting for Feedback then Working after which complete. Is it feasible in some way, if that's the case please offer an example in order to understand.

There's one concept that is available in my thoughts, which i should produce a number column in table that consists of statuses and assign amounts like 1,2 and three... so as I love to have after which bind that column in power grid, ensure that it stays invisible and sort based on it but when there's another simpler means by that we do not have to change database table I must try that first.


I made use of my very own idea and implemented a concealed column named as priority and designated it number values so as, for instance since "Hold" has greatest priority it should get number worth of 1 next Waiting for Feedback should get 2 and so forth... Rather than binding that column with gridview and keeping it hidden I made use of ORDER BY in sql databases.

Assign a number value to every of the possible Status (Hold = 1, Waiting for = 2, etc) and employ that number value because the Sort Expression property from the GridView column.

Hope this can help!