In wordpress, whenever you create a blog entry, it shows the date year etc of this blog.

It is possible to php/jquery script that can any type of title and render a picture of this?

Quite simply when the entry information is "20th this summer 2010" wouldso would I recieve it to render each one of the three products inside a different font/image.

To begin with no towards the jQuery text-to-image generator.

Now, what you're speaking about is really a custom theme for wordpress. An excellent tutorial for your are available here:

Additionally you pointed out text-to-image generation, I'd take a look here: to learn to do this.

Best of luck!

You will find a lot of font alternative techniques available generally. Should you dive in to the template files you may have the ability to accomplish the font changes with CSS classes. Unless of course I'm not completely comprehending the question.

Well, that isn't a text-to-image ripper tools, some fonts you can include aimed at your website. Take a look