I'm creating a module, or component unsure yet, but I have to possess a some options that rely on an alternative choice. For instance, when you purchase "A" then options 1, 2 and three appear. When you purchase "B" then 4,5 and 6 appear. I'm able to make everything appear at the same time just delivering within the but could I have params only appear to another is selected?


This ought to be reasonably easy to achieve using javascript (i.e. it'll operate on anyone's PC with no round-trip to the server).

Invest the controls around the form, as well as the ones that you don't desire to display initially make use of the CSS attribute plus they will not show.

Then make use of the onclick() event from the control which will settle if other controls are created visible to exhibit / hide controls as you want.

There's a good example of something such as this (not within Joomla, but there's pointless (will be able to think about) why this will not work fine inside a Joomla module / component) here: http://www.java2s.com/Code/JavaScript/Development/Makebuttoncontrolvisibleorinvisible.htm