It has me absolute stumped!

I've got a small snippet of PHP code, <?php include('/includes/stuff.php'); ?>. All it will is output a picture.

Basically put this within the Wordpress styles header.php or index.php files, it'll never appear. This is actually the actual code during my the styles index.php file:

<img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory');?>/images/content-top.gif" alt="content top" class="content-wrap" />
         <?php include('/includes/stuff.php'); ?>  TEST TEST TEST //this is the custom code
        <div id="content">

However when it really runs, it appears like:

<img src="" alt="content top" class="content-wrap" /> 
    <div id="content"> 

It simply ignores my code entirely. No errors, no nothing.

The only real time I possibly could get results is that if I incorporated it within an already incorporated file. For example, in header.php there's an include for any features.php. Basically incorporated it there, it labored fine. But I'm not going it there, I want it in index.php.

Can there be some type of configuration in wordpress where's must know all includes or something like that? I confirmed that my files are now being modified (around the FTP).


I simply attempted get_template_part(), as referred to around the wordpress codex, with no success. This is actually the snippet I attempted:

<?php get_template_part( 'includes/stuff' ); ?>


Try the entire road to stuff.php. Also, your host may be running php in safe mode, check your file permissions.

A different way to include php functions in WordPress is by the functions.php file inside your theme:

I've no clue why, but altering the index.php files does nothing for that theme. I must change include/default.php - both index.php and default.php have similar designs (elements of the identical title). Actually, basically remove index.php in the theme entirely, it's no effect online. Whomever coded the theme was a little lazy...