How can you construct your own FastCGI interface in PHP?

Let me do something such as what they're doing in Perl, however in PHP. Could it be even possible? Will it be faster?

(That's, Let me have the ability to load an internet application framework once into memory, after which simply have FastCGI call a technique Provided for each request. So not the greater generic preloading from the PHP-interpreter that's happening within the "default" PHP FastCGI setup.)


(Edit: Is not Mongrel and RoR carrying this out too?)

Ok I have designed a freakin' diagram now :)

alt text

I might be mistaken (it's late) but shouldn't you be just attempting to do some type of caching? Regardless, the FastCGI interface appears to become fairly well defined. So, it ought to be easy to do anything you want, fairly easily.

You are able to not get it done in PHP for PHP, it can be done in C for cgi-sapi however, you most likely desire to use APC rather.