I have got a WordPress CPT that I have had running a couple of days. There were not any issues with it.

Within the last couple days, it has been going haywire. Every couple of minutes, WordPress does not remember the page is available and returns a 404 error. This is often fixed by eliminating the permalink rules within the admin panel, but a couple of minutes later exactly the same things happens also it needs to be fixed again.

Does anybody know what is leading to this, or how you can repair it?

Listed here are a couple of suggestions which will repair the problem.

  1. You may want to whitelist certain files inside your wordpress-admin area. Or, if you're able to, whitelist all the files in wordpress-admin.
  2. Look at your .htaccess file - add this code (workaround)
<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
  1. This can occur whenever a blog owner puts out a publish using the current date, however edits the publish and changes the date from the publish.

Fundamental essentials common issues with 404. Hope it will help.


you are able to whitelist a lot more than 1 IP, allows say you have to access from soccer practice, workplace or campus, you need to simply include the network Insolvency practitioners towards the "allow from" therefore it becomes:


#WP Admin Block
<Files wp-login.php>
order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from 123.456.789.0 ------------->home IP
allow from 321.654.987.1 ------------->work IP
allow from 456.111.222.2 ------------->school IP
allow from 222.555          ------------->library IP
ErrorDocument 403 http://yourdomain.com/