I've got a custom publish type "quality recipes". I produced it while using custom publish type UI connect.

the title is ic_quality recipes, the label is Quality recipes and also the rewrite slug is quality recipes

the url is created as mysite.com/quality recipes/lentil-soup/

This is actually the question...

I needed to produce web site apply for this practice posts types to make use of..

but regardless of what i attempted, wordpress wound up while using single.php.

I have provided the next files towards the twentyten theme folder

and finally archive-ic_recipes.php

none started in. single.php was the main one each and every time.

I checked the codex. codex has got the the next to express ( I copy/copied and pasted for you personally at the end of the question) concerning the web site naming!

Please let me know what exactly is it that I am missing..


Custom Publish Types display

archive-{post_type}.php - If the post type were product, WordPress would look for archive-product.php.

archive-xxx.php is perfect for archives. You need to use single-xxx.php being an alternate to single.php.