Good day,

as though I wasn't busy enough with the stuff, I've decided to polish someone's website up. They wanted Joomla, and that i stated 'looks easy enough'. And That I was handed strict layout orders.

To work short, I've written some modules to be look nicely. Things I need now's to re-order Joomla's standard viewing from the content. I've investigated com_content, and my first idea ended up being to write my very own component for this. However I realized it might be about 90% a duplicate of com_content.

The issue is: Whenever you open a hyperlink to some section, com_content sights a listing from the groups. However I want a listing from the articles in category News of every seen, along with a connect to every article in category Infos around the menu left. Not to mention, view each on click.

It is possible to way to accomplish this without writing an own component? Or will it be better to personalize com_content to me? I would like this done having a minimum of fuss and complexity.

Thank you for listening.

You are able to override components view-templates inside your theme.

Inside your situation, for articles: Articles are members of this content component. components/com_content/views/article/tmpl/default.php may be the default look at articles.

To override it copy the file to templates\<yourtheme>\html\com_content\article/default.php.

For example, begin to see the default theme ja_wholesomeness or beez, that also override it.

This way, you will simply alter the layout and just for the theme. The component will remain in tact and updates won't be as complicated as otherwise.

The visible components in your website are known as modules. Begin to see the modules section within the admin section. The course-view is among the default modules. There's additionally a module to show a listing of groups (AFAIK). That's what you would like, right? The modules indexed by the module section aren't all available ones, but everything are produced. You may create a replacement and hang its type towards the category-list for instance, and define with what block from the theme it will display.

If you wish to do your personal Module, achieve this. Code it, adding it inside your admin section and you’re done.