I'm attempting to acquire a custom URL structure with Wordpress. Essentially, my website functions as my blog and my portfolio. I wish to come with an "Articles" section along with a "Portfolio" section. I would like the articles to show around the Articles page, and also the portfolio around the Portfolio page. Ought to be easy, except in addition I would like custom Web addresses...

I would like the Web addresses setup such as this:

Articles page: http://mydomain.com/discusses

Specific article: http://mydomain.com/discussed/%postname%

Portfolio page: http://mydomain.com/does

Specific design: http://mydomain.com/designed/%postname%

I'm able to learn how to do just one rewrite of the type, but Wordpress does not have built-in functionality to complete both. I am just wondering where I ought to start or things i must do...

The issue also becomes, I wish to retain category functionality both in areas, so perhaps it must be accomplished with Custom Fields? and give a new rewrite rule in line with the custom area of the publish? I've idea how to start...

Thank you for any assist you to can provide.

This really is not that difficult to do. I'll go lower, page by page, what you should do to do this.

Articles Page

Produce a new template inside your theme folder (/wordpress-content/styles/your-theme/) known as talks about.php and merely add the next content:

Template Name: Discusses Template

You do not need anymore content. Enter in the Pages portion of WordPress Admin and make up a new page known as Articles page and hang the Hyperlink to be /talks about/. Set web site of the page to become Talks about Template. Now, enter in the Configurations → Reading through section in Admin and hang the Posts page to Articles page. Now all of your blogs can look underneath the URL /talks about/

Specific Article

The simplest method to have your posts showing up as /talked about/title would be to relabel the default category (in Posts → Groups) to talked about. Then set your permalinks to become:


This can render the hyperlinks you'll need for every publish.

Portfolio Page &lifier Specific Design Page

Presuming this is some type of custom web design, the simplest factor to complete is always to produce a custom template and Page within the pages section, while you did for that articles page, and throw your custom HTML and CSS into that. I'd then set each specific design page to become a child page of this within the pages section. You should use the WPdb classs to create custom queries to populate the Portfolio page.