During my Java application I'm utilizing a custom User-Agent within the http publish message. The concept would be to something quite different for just one publish message in line with the User-Agent.

Around the server side I'm using PHP and works out the $_SERVER array doesn't have the HTTP_USER_AGENT set. I can tell it's set after i send a normal GET message in the browser towards the php code. What's puzzling may be the User-Agent is actually getting occur my Java code and I can tell it using tcpdump. After wasting considerable time I determined the User-Agent is actually sent properly and that i might get it while using apache_request_headers() function during my php code. Although it solves my problem I actually want to understand what's happening. Did other people face this issue? Can someone explain why I'm seeing this? I'm a new comer to PHP.

EDIT: This is actually the User-Agent specific area replicated and copied and pasted from wireshark around the client side.

User-Agent: Android app1.0\r\n