This can be a question about Thematic framework. If the is not the best place, just ignore this.

Let me request how do you do it? I replicated the page template in the parent theme and re-named it by.perl after which I place it because the template for that webpage. I Quickly added a hook to thematic_above_indexloop() in functions.php however it does not appear to operate. Here's my action hook:

function show_single_post(){
   $i=0; // Initialize to Zero;
   if (have_posts()) :
   while (have_posts()) : the_post();
   if ($i==0) {$recentpostid = $post->ID; $i=$i+1;}
   //get only the latest post
   $posts = query_posts( 'p='.$recentpostid."'");
add_action('thematic_above_indexloop', 'show_single_post');

However, basically embed that code snippet in to the home.php directly, it really works. There must a problem with my action hook? I'm relatively recent to presenting hooks please enlighten me.

I am unfamiliar with Thematic, and so i looked at the documentation wiki at I could not discover the action you reference there. Maybe it was taken off the present version from the framework?

Produce a simple "hellow world" function to check when the hook is damaged versus your code being damaged.

function hello_world(){
   echo "hello world";

add_action('thematic_above_indeloop', 'show_single_post');

If you notice "hello world" in your home page, you know the hook is working. Otherwise, you can be certain (while you most likely are already) that the show_single_publish function is not damaged.

Because the hello world function works, I must think that your function may be the problem.

There's a less complicated method of getting the only latest publish:

    function show_single_post(){

   add_action('thematic_above_indexloop', 'show_single_post');

I examined this with Thematic also it shows the final publish around the home page. Try it out.

You should check out all of the parameters recognized by query_posts around the Codex page