What will be the best database/method to use if Let me produce a database that may "add", "remove" and "edit" tables and posts?

I'd want it to be scaleable and fast.

Must I play one table and four posts with this (Id, Table, Column, Type, Value) - Can there be worthwhile articles relating to this. Or perhaps is there every other solutions?

Maybe three tables: One store the tables, one store the posts and something for that values?

Maybe someone already has produced a db for this function?

My needs is the fact that I am using .Internet (I suppose the database needn't be on home windows, however i would rather that)

Since (in comments around the question) you understand the issues from the "inner platform effect", it's also correct that this is a type of requirement - particularly to keep custom user-defined posts. And even, most teams have needed this. Getting attempted various approaches, one which I've discovered most effective would be to keep your extra data in-line using the record - particularly, this causes it to be simple to get the data without needing extra steps just like a second complex query with an exterior table, also it implies that all of the values share such things as timestamp/rowversion for concurrency.

Particularly, I have found a CustomValues column (for instance text or binary typically json / xml, but may well be more exotic) an effective method to work, serving as a house-bag for that additional data. And also you don't have to parse it (or indeed, SELECT it) before you know you'll need the additional data.

Whatever you then require is a method to tie named secrets to expected types, however, you need that metadata anyway.

I'll, however, stress the significance of making the information portable don't (for instance) store any sort of platform-bespoke serialization (for instance, BinaryFormatter for .Internet) - such things as xml / json are fine.

Finally, your RDBMS could also use this column for instance, SQL Server has got the xml data type that enables you to definitely run specific queries along with other procedures on xml data. You have to build your own decision whether that's an aid or perhaps a hindrance p

Should you should also add tables, I question if you're truly while using RDBMS being an RDBMS at that point I'd consider switching from an RDBMS to some document-database for example CouchDB or Raven DB