We're searching to produce an in-house Project Dashboard application. Project Managers uses this to produce increase projects, submit project status, enter project metrics, etc. Another confirming piece would browse the data joined through the oral appliance appear confirming data.

If the were 1990 and also the application ended up being to run in DOS I'd choose dBase with this application.
If the were 2000 and also the application ended up being to run in Home windows I'd choose MS Access with this application.

This really is 2010 we're searching for this, to become web-based. To operate around the Light platform I'd choose Xataface with this application. It's GPL, simple to setup, simple to extend, supports area validation, access levels, the like and so forth.

To operate this web-with different MS platform (.Internet + SQL Server) - can anybody recommend an identical toolkit or framework? Ideally, free and free?

asp.internet MVC having a DAL individuals selecting, options are virtually linq to sql, EF, nhibernate or subsonic. I'd opt for linq to sql or subsonic personally based on exact needs.

Since you've already selected .internet and SQL server these may have no additonal cost involved, although they aren't all free.

For convenient data oriented web frontend application you should use Versus Express to produce a Dynamic Data Web Application within a few minutes. Visit a tutorial here.

If you would like something a lot more like a framework that connects to MS MVC web framework, you'll be able to make use of the small, free framework I authored for my projects: Bullet On Rails for MS MVC. The framework gives you helpful generic CRUD remotes, sights and databases to make use of with MS MVC framework. It may need you to definitely make your Linq to sql classes while using Versus designer.

I'd consider the frameworks that Paul pointed out. Consider the lessons, example code, and choose which looks preferred for you personally. Of individuals, I have found Subsonic to become the simplest to understand.

Automatically, Subsonic uses Active Record pattern. With a few personalization additionally, it may make use of the Repository Pattern

nHibernate uses the Repository pattern, but could be a little harder to configure. A minimum of which has been my experience.

For that record, I love nHibernate, but intend to look more carefully in the Entity Framework.

Alternatively, you are able to skip all of the Frameworks that need configuration instead of code and choose something entirely put together using the code smith free version to create your DAL as you will find lots templates available that you could just point at the DB and ignore it nuts. I have tried on the extender previously and when you need to see precisely what code is getting together with your Database then it is a significant nice alternative.