I've got a expensive project that interact with a server. I recieve all data in the server as raw tables as XML. So I must perform the server logics client side. (Don't request why!)

I've sought out a framework or some code base which have solved this. A framework that may do mapping of secrets asf. Essentially a frame work that stores the information and handles locating from the data like SQL.

Ie. I'm able to get user using the userid without iterating through all of the instances. This will get more complex if you have more id within the same table.

So it is possible to data framework for expensive available?

(the HTML 5 sqlLight could be great if more browsers supported it)

E4x will help you to run some pretty sophisticated queries against your XML. Take a look at http://dispatchevent.org/roger/as3-e4x-rundown/

Personally i think obliged to indicate that which you most likely know - delivering the tables like that's insecure, inefficient and type of stupid. EDIT: Unless of course you really NEED everything data within the swf, by which situation it's fine :)

I do not think there's a framework with this, which means you would most likely need to construct it yourself. You need to have the ability to invest the rows in a wide array after which use a number of Dictionary(s) like a database index. Eg:


All that you should do in order to get there's build the indexes

_nameIndex = new Dictionary();
_idIndex = new Dictionary();
for(var i:int = 0; i<_data.length; i++) {
 _idIndex[_data[i].id] = i;
 _nameIndex[_data[i].name] = i;

Hope this can help!

EDIT: For non-unique identifiers you may have to keep a range of indexes within the dictionaries, rather than the indexes themselves. You might store an immediate mention of object it's indexing rather than its devote the _data-array.