Sometimes with those who have in the past used Stand out and e-mail to 'gather' data using their exterior contacts. Cells these contacts populate are associated with complicated equations (from time to time macros), or are members of a sizable cascading down cell relationship.

All of the data we gather produces multiple final results, but everything requires additional interrogation - intermediary workbooks to interrogate the multiple workbooks we receive from your numerous clients, large amount of referencing cells (index/match, dynamic ranges), etc, etc. A sizable possibility of error.

Therefore, I've my doubts about how exactly good/reliable/secure Stand out happens when it involves collecting data in by doing this. I have produced small Access databases before so can easily see the benefits of a database, but I have never done complex information within them (only simple expressions).

Basically ended up being to research in to the systems/technologies required to proceed to better data gathering/management/effectiveness atmosphere, an amount I be searching for? And may a database like Access or SQL manage complex equations, cascading down area links, etc?

Thank you for just about any ideas or links.

I am a database person and the idea of someone carrying this out isn Stand out rather than a database where it goes makes my bloodstream run cold. However, which is a large however, your customers are clearly Stand out experts and very confident with the versatility of Stand out. They will likely hate a database solution (lack of versatility, needing to possess a programmer do things they accustomed to have the ability to do on their own, etc.) and can quickly export the information to Stand out in whatever way they are able to. When they (or management) aren't requesting a brand new system, I would not provide them with one.

You may consider a choice of writing a custom application to simply accept data input. Having a custom application, you are able to control exactly what the user inputs and perform data validation specific for your business rules.

If you cannot afford database integration, you may have a look at Microsoft's new LightSwitch project. You are able to rapidly design an application-over-data application without writing just one type of code. Just tell it your computer data source, provide some validation constraints, also it develops a front-finish application for data entry.

Otherwise, you may produce a form in Microsoft Access. It's a little much better than getting customers directly input right into a spreadsheet.

You may consider developing a web application that connects to some database to get this done. One nice factor relating to this is you can separate you business and data layers, which is generally a sound practice. Additionally, you will have one convenient location where information is available in by which should simplify your existence.

After you have a obvious separation between business rules and data storage that you can do the majority of the equations you're speaking about in C# (or perhaps your language of preference) after which keep finish lead to your SQL Server database (or perhaps your DB of preference).

You can consider the PowerPivot add-on for Excell 2010.
By using it it is simple to gather data from many different sources and
link them in a variety of ways. the information is saved inside a format
that may be imported straight into SSAS like a cube.

Since it is all still in stand out your customers wouldn't need to learn new UIs.