I've serbian-british words insrtf format and I have to extract it out of this document and set them into some datastructure. I understand to utilize databases but I'm not sure if it's appropriate with this situation. For instance i've italic words and do not understand how to put this into database (maybe to place inside tags?). Can there be another datastructure for storing formatted text (bold and italic)?

this is dependent when the whole text is underlined/italic or simply certain parts. When the whole text is underlined/italic you could include two posts like "is_bold" and "is_italic" for your database table. Otherwise I'd suggest some type of markup (HTML Tags or Markdown). I centered on the database solution because I suppose that you would like to keep this dictionary regularly.



It is dependent around the granularity you'll need within the db. Are you able to define a regular data model in line with the concept of the formatting?

class Entry {
    String serbianWord;
    String serbianPhonetic;
    String serbianOtherElementOfDictionary;
    String englishWord;
    String englishPhonetic;
    String englishOtherElementOfDictionary;

Ideally the formatting (view) and database (model) ought to be seperated.

But when this really is is making the issue in hands excessively complex, then storing markup information is an acceptable option.