I have to create an ASP.Internet site which could display graphs, charts, statistics for any dashboard type application tugging data from the after sales databases.

I'm attempting to locate either:

(a) open-source modules will be able to use / build on

(b) lessons which train the above mentioned

(c) existing modules (ideally low-cost) that really work.

Used to do the fundamental searching, but found only VERY costly compensated solutions (eg: http://www.dundas.com/ $700+, http://www.devexpress.com/ $300 * n).

For straightforward visualizations, you need to have a look in the EXTJS library. It is a free javascript framework. http://www.sencha.com/products/js/

You will find several good good examples of dynamic charts there and I have found the API is fairly simple to use.

A non-free library that you could always visit is Adobe's Flex platform. That provides you with much more of an attractive front-end. A fundamental license for Expensive Builder (which has the Flex library) is just $249, to ensure that might be affordable.

If you're able to publish your computer data as JSON objects and also have the results displayed inside a browser, Protovis is really a free JS library that's pretty nice to utilize:


ASP.Internet is distributed with all you need to build the applying without needing to purchase additional components.

(a) you will find lots of free projects around planning. http://www.codeproject.com/KB/graphics/zedgraph.aspx

(b) you will find plenty ASP.Internet lessons around the next including ones associated with planning. Bing is your friend here!

(c) see point a (basically understand well what you're requesting.

And also the finally, please request the questions you have on stackoverflow.com !