For any heavy user content website with user profiles, live feeds, photo /video/content discussing, etc what DB to make use of, and what DB engine? Ofcourse Oracle/Microsoft sql are out since they're not free (or cheap). I'm using MySQL with MyISAM but which will encounter performance issues on the social site. Even using InnoDB might not help performance. So first of all which DB 's better to use and which engine - beginning for free to compensated?

Primary problem is with live feeds performance, plus there's plenty of data monitoring and mining with analytic.

As this is a startup - hardware pricing is limited so no hardware farm here to aid performance, hence seeking a good alternative for that first 24 months atleast.

In case your userbase is big enough to want a higher-performance DB, your bandwidth and storage charges won't be cheap why skimp around the database?

MS SQL has free and/or cheap models that are performance-restricted. I usually begin with them, and when the website will take off, I upgrade. Most likely Oracle offers such like.

Edit: I ought to have stated in the beginning that you are unlikely to outgrow MySQL in the near future, which this complete question may well be a situation of premature optimisation.

If you're a start-up, you might have the ability to afford Microsoft's stuff in the end. Take a look at their BizSPark program which provides you software free of charge for any couple of years.

I don't know that To be sure that MySQL isn't the best choice though. Does not FaceBook use MySQL? Are you currently looking to be bigger?

If you feel InnoDB is going to be not fast enough for you personally, you will find other storage engine choices on MySQL. For instance, perhaps you have looked into TokuDB?

Have you thought about a hosting service like rather than your personal hardware? This can be a much better fit for the cash flow profile. Should you sense the DB load is burdensome, you might have devoted or multiple servers. Begin with a devoted DB box and scale up after that. You might opt for a cloud service like Amazon EC2.

EDIT: I simply recognized that Tokutek possess a social media example:

It may sound in my experience as if you are unlikely to outgrow MySQL in the near future. Should you grow busy enough to require anything like TokuDB you are able to thank me having a couple of shares. :-)

I would suggest obtaining a cloud take into account the files and potentially a devoted server for that DB (MySQL and MyISAM).

You are able to limit your cost around the cloud storing the files, but enhance performance by getting a devoted server for that DB by growing processing energy and memory.